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Thursday, January 19, 2012

CAN-RAG and JotW

As I've mentioned before, the ganking of noobs, especially those on 14-day trials, is bad for EVE. It discourages new players who might otherwise mature into life-long capsuleers. In the cutthroat business of massively multiplayer online games, every subscription counts! If we love our game, as many who are reading this profess to, it is up to us to do something about those who harm EVE by their anti-social behavior.

I'd like to introduce to you CAN-RAG:

Capsuleers for Assisting Noobs and Ridiculing Anti-social Gankers 

There are two elements of CAN-RAG.

Element #1:

We all know you shouldn't fly it if you can't afford to lose it. Nevertheless, there was a time in all out careers where we had no choice but to fly it. When you're poor, you use everything you've got to not be poor. New players can't afford to not take risks.

Many of us have no trouble generating ISK now that we've a few years under our belts. To that end, I ask you to consider what it means for a very young player to lose their best ship because they had no real choice but to fly it. It's a difficult decision to make and sometimes it ends badly. If it would not dent your wallet, why not replace the lost ship? Have them send you the kill mail if you like. Don't let new players down. Show them there are better people in this world than gankers.

Element #2:

If charitable contribution isn't your style, then ridicule the ganker. Put them on your black list. Refuse to do business with them if at all possible. Place them on your watch list and whenever you see them in local make sure everyone else knows there's a ganker around. Malign the ganker's mother for being a parental failure. It likely won't stop them, but it might just show a potential new subscriber that not all capsuleers are jerks. If it raises their spirit and encourages them to play on it's worth the time it takes by any measure of success.

To that end, starting today, I'm going to report a Jerk of the Week (JotW.) Today's jerk is...
Arquebie - kills baby miners because he's too afraid of capsuleers with more than 2 month's of skill training.
This brave slayer took out a Covetor in Abudban on January 19th with his Heavy Neutron Blaster II fit Brutix battle-cruiser. He's been a capsuleer for 1194 days. His fearsome opponent is only 68 days old. <sarcasm> That took some bravery and skill to pull off. </sarcasm> What a loser. Go fight someone that matches your own skills or don't you have the courage? You're a pathetic excuse for a capsuleer. Get a life!

Fly careful (everyone that is except Arquebie the baby miner killer.)

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