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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A better Brutix Incursion beacon runner.

Back in August I was playing around with inexpensive ships that could run Incursion beacon sites solo. I was also playing around with making videos, just to see how it was done. This was the result.

To be honest, I was never all that thrilled with the Brutix fit I came up with. It lacked range and the speed to get into range. The little Sansha frigates just kited the hell out of it. It just took too many compromises to make it work. CAP boosters are a pain in the arse. Rails lack the punch of blasters. The MWD to get into range was just too resource intensive. They all combined for a less than satisfactory thump-session. And let's face it, after a long day of seeing prices climb uncontrollably and profit margins fall precipitously, even and industrialist carebear just wants to thump something.

To that end, I finally got around to reworking my beacon thumping Brutix fit. Without further delay, here he is (don't worry, video was a passing curiosity for me:

[Brutix, Brutus Beacon III]

7x Heavy Ion Blaster II (Null M)

Y-S8 Hydrocarbon Afterburners
Sensor Booster II
2x Tracking Computer II (Optimal Range)

Damage Control II
Medium Armor Repairer II
2x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Reactive Membrane II

Medium Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Medium Hybrid Metastasis Adjuster I
Medium Hybrid Locus Coordinator I

5x Warrior I
5x Warrior I

[Statistics - Mabrick]

Effective HP: 44,967 (Eve: 41,186)
Tank Ability: 144.27 DPS
Damage Profile - <Omni-Damage> (EM: 25.00%, Ex: 25.00%, Ki: 25.00%, Th: 25.00%)
Shield Resists - EM: 12.50%, Ex: 56.25%, Ki: 47.50%, Th: 30.00%
Armor Resists - EM: 74.44%, Ex: 71.26%, Ki: 66.77%, Th: 66.77%

Capacitor (Lasts 2m 51s)

Volley Damage: 1,182.93
DPS: 383.92
Thanks to Crucible, I was able to drop that cursed CAP booster. I was able to get all seven turrets filled with Heavy Ion Blaster IIs even. Crucible also allowed me to replace the webifier (which was only marginally effective because it too was range limited) and fit two tracking computers with optimal range scripts instead. Throw in Null and it stops the kiting - dead. 

This ship can hit out to 20km albeit with minimal damage, but it has its intended effect. The Sansha frigates stay between 11km and 16km where Brutus ripped them apart. Typical damage was nearly 175 but went as high as 450 depending on transverse. The fit is CAP stable with the repper off so you can shoot all day long. The only time I had to pulse the repper was when the Raa Thalamus waded into the fray on the final wave.

So there you have it. I went through five beacons straight with this fit before calling the test successful. The thumping I gave out was quite satisfying. In fact, the Ysiette Incursion has been going on so long the Beacon sites were all mine - everyone else was off in the big fleets. It was very relaxing. The only down side was that there is no way to recoup the cost of the Null ammo it takes to stop the kiting running just beacon sites. However, the ISK spent was well worth the stress reduction gained.

Fly careful.

(P.S: Just because I think CCP favors Incursion runners economically doesn't mean Incursions aren't fun. Keep it coming CCP!)

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