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Thursday, January 26, 2012

And now, your weekly episode of...

He's been flying Internet spaceships for as long as I have. His current favorite is the Thrasher. He specializes in podding unfortunate capsuleers and he has a special taste for noobs. Who can it be?

Killer "sounds like a dog's name" Rasta!
Killer showed how skilled and daring he is by taking out a Badger in high-sec with a tier II fit Taranis. His 1368 more days of training than his opponent clinched his victory.

Yes, Killer is a veritable paragon of courage... not really. He wouldn't know courage if it slapped him silly. Courage could knock him out and he'd wake up in a puddle of his own piss asking, "What happened?" There wasn't even enough cargo in the Badger for him to even make a pretense at being a respectable pirate. He just had to grief the noob. What a jerk. Congratulations Killer, you've proven your testicles are sucked so far up you have to swallow to ejaculate.

Fly careful - ever one except the guy with the dog's name.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't make me start searching the kill boards for your name. *LOL* Did I mention he even podded the guy? Now where's the honor in that?

    2. Podded the guy! tsk tsk tsk! Of course I do kind-of encourage such behavior:

      Anyways, I enjoy your blog... keep it up!

    3. Well, I wasn't going to mention that in case a few of my more "radical" followers decided to take it personal. Of course, they'd probably just get themselves podded. Your blog is part of the community that convinced me to start blogging myself so thank you. I'm still pretty green at this but it's fun. Perhaps one day we'll meet in space. Hopefully I won't be in an industrial. *LOL*


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