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Friday, January 13, 2012

4th Quarter Financials for MABMM

And now, a post that is of no interest to anyone other than myself. Without further adieu, here are the 4th quarter financials for Mabrick Mining and Manufacturing (MABMM.)

Next time I'll try and get a better font on the report. That'll certainly be easier on the old eyes.

The good news is that the final number is positive. Go team! What is not evident is that I don't have enough ISK involved in making more ISK. Money on the sideline is valueless. Expect to see more ISKies hit the playing field in the coming year. Those plans are already in motion.

I also want to remind myself that the actual bottom line could have been twice this. However, there is a somewhat expensive donation not in evidence on this balance sheet. Enough said about that. *wink* Not bad, I think, for a single man operation who spends about an hour a day online.

Fly careful.

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