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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The true expense of the new PI tax rates.

I did a comparison between last Monday night and tonight's PI maintenance. The only thing different between the two is I decommissioned 2 Spaceports and connected the Extractor Control Units directly to the main complex Spaceport on one planet and moved an Extractor Control Unit on another.

Here is what it cost me tonight to complete my PI maintenance, which yielded 6 Wetware Mainframes and and some thousands of extra Reactive Metals and Water.
Post-Crucible PI Maintenance
And this is the PI maintenance from the last night prior to Crucible's launch.
Pre-Crucible PI Maintenance
The difference between the two is an extra 2,365,309.55 ISK or approximately a 258% increase over pre-Crucible taxes. If I drop the construction fees from both side (which I include as part of the maintenance overhead) the increase is even more: 673%. Either way, representing it as a doubling was misleading the player base - at best. Communications still seems to be a problem. It seems the crucible wasn't that purifying after all. Schade.

Fly careful.

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  1. There are two very possible things that could of happened, A) they readjusted the taxed value(ie. the item is worth 100k but was only taxed for 50k value), B)Due to the taxes and market Spec the value jumps causing taxes to go up etc. etc.
    And don't forget that the doubled taxes affect imports and export as I remember which means higher tr PI products are affected more.


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