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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Polaris message deciphered!

There's a lively discussion going on over on the Eve General Discussions forum Authorities have revealed they've intercepted a strange transmission from Polaris. The coded transmission was partially deciphered. Here is what it contained: cc.sup.lye.avan.

Many capsuleers are trying to figure out what it means. It has become a public debate. So far just about everyone agrees the first part translates to "CCP Supply" but there is much disagreement over the last part. It reads "e.avan." where the periods are missing characters. Not everyone agrees the final period is an actual missing character. It could simply be a period. It doesn't matter though.

As I was looking at this I realized that there was only 2 to the 26 possible combinations for the missing characters. Aura quickly helped me construct a possibilities matrix.

Looking through all the possible combinations, most quickly fall away as unlikely. However, that doesn't mean impossible. Those that remain may be a single "word" or multiple words - there were no spaces in agreed first part meaning. The best we can really do is identify those that seem most likely to contain pertinent meaning.

My favorite second character is "T". This makes for a nice 3-letter acronym: ETA. That just seems to resonate with the "CCP Supply" portion of the message. Now, the "CCP Supply ETA" is what? That's the 64 billion ISK question isn't it. Here are the choices.

eta vana - eta vanb - eta vanc - eta vand - eta vane - eta vanf - eta vang - eta vanh - eta vani -
eta vanj - eta vank - eta vanl - eta vanm - eta vann - eta vano - eta vanp - eta vanq - eta vanr -
eta vans - eta vant - eta vanu - eta vanv - eta vanw - eta vanx - eta vany - eta vanz

None of those seem very promising to me. However, if the final character IS a period, one stands out bold and clear - Van, a 0.3 security system in the Aridia region of the Amarr Empire.

CCP Supply ETA Van - could it be? We'll need another intercept to find out.

Fly careful.

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  1. i think the "van" part might be a time and/or a date. based on a simple conversion of the letters to numbers based on their position in the english alphabet i get 22 1 14. but i could be compeltely wrong


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