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Monday, December 12, 2011

Not much going on, even in the war next door.

It seems that things have quieted a lot around the old home system. Besides taking care of business, not much has been going on. There are lots of rookies flying around. I count that a good thing.

A couple weeks ago I got a warning from a friend that Important Internet Spaceship League [BDEAL] was declaring war on General Tso's Alliance [3XXXD]. The main corp in General Tso's is Sardaukar Merc Guild [SMERG]. I've had a few run ins with them and I can't say it made be sad to hear they'd pissed off BDEAL.

Actually, I was hoping for some nice fireworks. SMERG lives in Seyllin, one short jump from my home. I've been over there several times since the war started and I've seen on Harbinger wreck on the gate and it belonged to BDEAL. In Seyllin itself, nothing untoward seemed to be going on.

After doing some investigation into the alliances database, I did see a possible effect of the war dec. 3XXXD membership dropped in half right after the war dec. It seems that Universal Discovery [UN.DC] saw this as a good time to un-join 3XXXD even though they'd just joined the alliance. It seems it took three kills at the hands of BDEAL to convince them to leave. I can't say as I blame them. Still, I think I would have preferred to see scorched wrecks strewn all around the Seyllin in-gate.

Ane has seen some BDEAL action. There was a POS bash there on the 5th. But I've no reason to go to Ane these days. It's been a long time since I've had to run courier missions.

The new tax structure of Planetary Industry is bearable. It helps that prices for Wetware Mainframes have stayed elevated. They are still selling for double what I could get for them this past summer. I hope that holds. It'll still be several more weeks before I'm ready to make another Jita run. Of course, I know exactly how long until I make that run. But after all the nice things I said about SMERG, I'd rather not be too specific.

Sorta on the SMERG topic, Hulkageddon time is fast approaching. I won't be in my Hulk for that. I haven't been in my Hulk for many, many months. However, I'll be flying cover for any rookies in my home system. If you find yourself in Aporulie and see me in local, let me know. I'll cover your 6. However, last year SMERG was flying very cheap Catalysts and insta-popping Hulks. I saw it with my own eyes. They weren't leaving much time to lock them up and stop them. I encourage all Industrialists to tank up and remember, buffer is FAR more important than cargo space when you're being hunted.

Fly Careful

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