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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Immersion gets a much needed boost.

T plus 24 hours and at least one blogger, Rixx Javix, has unashamedly declared his love for Crucible graphics. I will not disagree with him. It is truly lovely and I'd be lying if I said I didn't take my nano-fit Tristan, Speed Racer, out and do a little dancing myself.

But while I wasn't out there, I decided to see how far the dev team got on increasing the immersion level in Eve Online. Here are the results.

I warped to a Customs Office I knew to be on the other side of a gas giant.
The light at the end of the warp tunnel was frankly awesome! Later, while conducting business in Oursulaert, I had an opportunity to warp through a moon.
Most excellent! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of warping through stations. They still clip just as badly as planets and moons used to. It also pains me that we cannot warp through stars yet either, at least I've not been able to. If someone has I'd sure like to see the other end of that tunnel.

One other thing I noticed, which was not really immersion, and may have been there all along, was a line, like a small ring, around my first PI planet. As I pondered what it was, I soon got my answer.
I don't know what mechanic this would serve so for now I'll just lump it in with new immersion upgrades.

While there is more to do, and I hope it's being working on already, the new New Eden look has me smiling and... well... dancing among the stars. Good work CCP!

Fly Careful.

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