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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crucible Brutix with a blaster fit as promised.

Here are the next two-thousand words in the pre-Crucible versus post-Crucible Brutix fits. I swapped out the rails for seven (7) Heavy Electron Blaster IIs to give an idea of what the post-Crucible benefit will look like.

Pre-Crucible Blaster Fit
Post-Crucible Blaster Fit
Fitting blasters gives me an 8.3% overall drop in cap use or under 3 GJ/s. PowerGrid usage decreases by 103.2 MW overall, a nice increase but only a bit over 7%. As for CPU, I get a drop of 10.55 overall: 1.98%.

For all the great sounding changes to hybrid weapons, it appears the actual benefit is of minor consequence. Gallente ships are a little faster. They get a smidgen more power, CPU and usable capacitor. But for most pilots of limited SP, these increases will not make blaster ships much more viable than before.

Fly careful.

PS: Happy 100th post to me.


  1. Don't underestimate the value of those percentages. People pay billions in eve for small upgrades. MUCH Smaller than 2% and even smaller than the 7% of PG it adds. I already have plans for all the gallente BS that involve more dps, more tank, or both, and take advantage of the speed and agility to really pound people.

  2. @madhaberdashers I do not doubt that these increases, in the hands of a skilled pilot, will not go to waste. I too have plans for my few combat ships - especially with Hulkageddon approaching again. Last year the pirates in my region used disposable Catalysts. They were pretty darn effective. This year they should be terrifying. I'll need a suitable ship to deal with them. But, what do these increases mean to the less experienced pilot with, say, less than 5 million SP? Does it really help them?

  3. Oh absolutely. Younger pilots have MORE trouble fitting ships due to lower fittings skills, from Engineering, to Weapon Upgrades to Advanced Weapon Upgrades. Getting 12% more or less of the powergrid from your weapons back is a godsend to younger players.

  4. I sooooo have a lot to learn about fitting ships for combat. One of these days I need to get around to it. Thanks for the insights madhaberdashers and keep on blogging!

  5. Many congrats on the 100th post!!

    I look forward to reading many, many more :)


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