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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reminders of acquaintances long missing.

I recently got all my exploration skills (Elite certificates for Cartography and Field Technician) completed and I've been aching for a little extra time to take Space Ghost for a spin. I finally got the chance last night.

There wasn't much of note in the old home system unfortunately. There were three combat sites and one wormhole. Slogging through rats has never been my idea of fun (Incursions excepted) so I warped near the wormhole. I'm always happy to check one of those out just to see who might be on the other side.

According to the database this was a class 3. It might be interesting so I headed through. On the other side I was greeted by a pink star and a system that was fairly mundane for a wormhole. I brought up the the directional scan and found lots but nothing close. I aligned toward the star to stay under cloak and began to have a look at the details of the scan. It was a busy system.

Mad science hey? These seemed to be wormhole residents after my own heart. Looks like they were trying to get rich on boosters, a profitable if not virtuous occupation. I've no quarrel with it, to each their own I always say - so long as you don't shoot at me. I tend to take that personal.

I wanted to have a look at the POS but needed know how active the system was first. No sense causing a three alarm if you know what I mean. I'd seen ships on the scan. I selected a different overview and isolated them.

Three industrials and three battleships. After watching them awhile, I could tell at least some of the capsuleers were active. I K162'd out of the system and left them to their work.

I may have to do some investigating on the corp tag I saw. I've some acquaintances, nominally carebears like myself, that took off for WS over a year ago and I've not heard from them since. I'm sure their out there making tons of ISK. I don't know what corp they dock with now. Who knows, perhaps I'll run into them some day.

Fly careful.

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