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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time away from the toil of making ISK... except I ended up making some anyway.

First off, I'd like to say congrats to Drackarn over at Sand, Cider and Spaceships for proving he can pirate with the best of them. I give the link blood-red for your being -10.0 sec status. Don't let me catch you in my neck of the woods or I'll have to hunt you down for your bounty. Don't worry though, I don't pod kill so you'll get home safe.

Back to the regularly scheduled goings on. Yesterday I checked the Incursion listings provided by Concord and discovered there was one happening only 4 jumps from home. I've been working really hard of late and needed a break from managing the company so I set an out of office message and jumped in my Drake, the Prinz Eugen. I left dock with a cargo hold full of missiles and the intent to find some action.

Four short jumps later I was in Yashunen x-ing up in local. Prinz Eugen is buffer fit and though my skills aren't nearly what they are in Brutus he sports an EHP of over 30k. It works. I immediately got 2 invites. I'd already decided who I was going to form up with as I was watching the local chat and a Vanguard site was just were I wanted to be.

We formed up in Tennen. It was an odd collection of ships to my way of thinking. A couple Ravens, a few Basilisks, an Abbadon (who had to leave before the fight even began because... wait for it... a GIRL was coming over - LOL,) a Phantasm. Now that was just eerie. The fleet named it the U.S.S. Phantasmic. That didn't help really but it let us exercise a little nervous laughter. Before we fleet warped, I took a group shot.

Once we landed, no one had time for much chat. Drones launched, missiles flew and all hell generally broke loose. You all know how it goes. Here we are getting it done.

We make it look easy don't we? We cleared out the first site with no losses. The logistics pilots were on the ball and highl;y efficient. Good job guys! However, I didn't even get targeted once. It seems the Sansha were far more interested in the Ravens. That suited my just fine. We warped to the second site and took it down even faster. Our perfect score of all wins and no losses stayed in place. It was turning out to be a good day.

Then I got a priority message from the office. Sansha shit. Well, at least I got some action and the fleet had replacements inbound before I even dropped off the channel. I even made a little profit. Now that's my kind of incursion!

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