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Friday, August 19, 2011

The nature of time, the universe and Industrialists.

Time in space passes differently for capsuleers than other humans. Time for a capsuleer is a relationship between energy, mass and distance that knows no planetary cycle. There is no day. There is no night. Consider this:

As you can see, time depends only on mass, energy and distance. The science is irrefutable.

Industrialists don't fly the most massive ships. However, we do move the most cargo and I'd argue we log the longest aggregate distances. Think of all those freighters making those 25 jump hauls to Jita and back. Then there are all the Orcas, the transport ships and the other enumerable  industrial ships and mining barges.

What it really boils down to, if we are completely honest with ourselves, is that the universe favors  Industrialists more so than other capsuleers. A position that is validated by science and proven every time you fit a new ship.

Fly careful.

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