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Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to fight an Incursion beacon site solo.

Mission running never really appealed to me. To be honest, I'd rather spend my time chewing 'roids. But that's just me. And yes, I know it's... a rare preference.

Then the Sansha Nation began raiding capsuleer space. This is not your run of the mill mission. These ships have "teeth" and brains to run them! It isn't another capsuleer by any stretch but it's better than Serpentis.

I managed to get into a shield fleet during one of the very early Incursions. I spent 3 hours drifting in space and waiting for the FC to get the fleet together and find an incursion point to land on. The 20 minutes after landing was filled with wave after wave of Sansha battleships and the like. Though it was a great christening for my Drake, the Prinz Eugen, the fun to frustration level was easily 1 to 10 that evening.

That's when I decided to try the beacon sites in the Incursion staging system. They're basically a free for all with the top 5 DPS givers taking home the prize so to speak. I took the Prinz Eugen into a few and did okay. Sitting back and lobbing missiles at Sansha frigates though is a bad match. My drones did most of the work and I lost many of them.

I needed to get some turrets on these slaves. So I took out June Bug. He's a stud for sure. However, Assault Frigates are not up to running beacon sites. They have the DPS but just don't have the staying power needed. I needed something bigger and loaded with turrets.

I settled on a Brutix, which I named Brutus - what else. He's no frigate speedster. He turns like a grease-less wheel. But he can run beacon sites solo and hardly get his armor scratched doing it. Here's how.

Fly careful.


  1. Cheers mate,

    I'm a carebear too. I mine, I trade [not really looking into future manufacturing plans]. I would like [AFTER I perfect my mining skills for Hulk] to train for some PVE action [Abaddon smiles at me nicely]. I would like to try my hand at some lvl4 kill missions and maybe try incursions...

    I've read quite a lot of posts by now and no one really says what needs to be done, or what setups may potentially work for solo incursions....

    I would like to ask you if you have any advice for Solo-ing incursions.

    o7 Fly Safe mate

    1. Greetings Antistar! Well, I only actually did a half-dozen or so beacon sites (the smallest Incursion site) and that was 6 months ago so please do not take me for an expert. I am not. Also, incursions changed a lot with Inferno. They are more deadly in the fact that Sansha influence is much harder for the "Caravan of the Heavens" fleets (aka professional Incursion runners) to drive down to zero. In fact, Jester, over on Jester's Trek, stated they had to bring both the shield and armor fleet into a single Incursion to have any chance of driving Sansha influence down. Before they would do the two high-sec Incursions simultaneously.

      Anyway, the whole point of this is to say that your tank will be a lot weaker inside Incursions now. I have not tried to solo a Beacon Site since Inferno. However, here are some of my general observations that should still hold true.

      Beacon sire ships are frigates for the most part with a very small signature radius. They are also fast and tough. That presents a battle cruiser two problems. The small signature radius makes missile damage pitiful and the speed of these frigates makes tracking difficult for larger guns. Keep that in mind when you fit your ship. Also, these Sansha are smart. The frigates fought be at high speed at the 11 to 13 kilometer range - just outside the effective range of my hybrid guns. I tried a could tactics to get them. I fitted a webifier and snared the frigate so it couldn't dance away. This worked well the first time. Once the other frigates got 12km, I was not going to catch them to web them again. So that tactic was a one shot deal. Next I started boosting my optimal range. This was not perfect but it fared better.

      That's about the best advice I have. It isn't much and again, Incursions are far tougher than they were before. Make sure you check the influence level before plunging into one. Lastly, only beacon sites are small enough to solo. If you take any ship into any of the other types of site you will explode. At least, that is what I have been told and I've d-scanned enough of these sites to see plenty of BC and BB wrecks within the site. I believe what I've been told.

      That's it. Take care and as alkways...

      Fly careful.


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