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Monday, July 25, 2011

I prefer hard work - it's more satisfying over the long haul.

For my current endeavors, the latest price index update is mostly welcomed news. Here it is in graph form.

Where does MABMM fall on this chart. Let's just say I'm a secondary producer. I used to be a primary producer. Space Ghost came off one of my lines. However, the margins kept evaporating until I could make more from my datacores than I could from invention.

However, that trend is reversing somewhat, not that my margin on a given Helios have improved all that much. They haven't. The issue is plunging datacore prices. It's still easy money but the market is saturated. My last batch of cores took weeks to clear and the competition was ferocious. I had to drop my prices on a daily basis or be undercut and sell nothing.

It got me wondering if I shouldn't just reinvest them into invention again. Yes, it sucks trying to get time in the lab. A Helios invention job takes 25 hours but my queue times are typically over a week. Even this carebear doesn't like waiting that long. No, the margins aren't great but they are steady and on some items the margin is good. You have to be careful what you choose to research.

So the business environment keeps changing in New Eden and MABMM will change with it. That's really what it means to be an entrepreneur. Some will say you should anticipate new markets so you can make a killing. Yes, that works - sometimes. But it is speculation, not entrepreneurship. It's the difference between a get rich quick scheme and hard work. I prefer hard work - it's more satisfying over the long haul.

Fly careful.

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