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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hi-Sec market hubs in null sec.

Here is an interesting idea that came out of the CCP/CSM minutes from thier May meeting.

"Dr. Eyjo pointed out that presently the EVE economy is designed intentionally to keep nullsec and hisec interdependent in terms of their markets. The CSM reiterated that they wanted markets to be spread out more, rather than everything being exported from Jita into Nullsec. Dr. Eyjo suggested a concept of hisec ‘market islands’ in 0.0, such as a teleport or Interbus link to Jita – where the aim would be to temporarily ‘plant seeds’ of markets in nullsec. The CSM was curious about this idea, but had no unified opinion"

I like the idea of hisec islands in nullsec on several levels.

For nullsec residents it gives them a way out of bottlenecks and the Jita Jam.

For us real carebears, it gives us access to potentially very lucrative markets with little risk. It also takes us out of bottlenecks and certain hisec risks that are known to exist.

For those with other goals in mind, it gives them a little something to look forward to as well. I think this sums it up nicely:

Fly careful.

*Base image of gulls on a rock provided by Pat Kight under Creative Commons. Check out her exceptional photos here!

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