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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When LULZ attack it becomes EVE Offline.

EVE Online is currently EVE Offline. LULZ has struck. It seems that the high sec of CCP's data center is no more secure than Jita. What is that rule again? Only fly it if you can afford to lose it? No, that's not it. Oh yeah, no place is safe from a ganker. CCP's been can flipped.

My question is, who is LULZ working for? Regardless of what they say, they aren't doing it just for kicks. Sure, they'll have fun doing it. I know I would if that sort of thing interested me. But I also know I'd want more out of it than just a few laughs. CCP isn't Sony. There are not millions of juicy accounts to rob. CCP isn't a very sensible target unless you're already getting paid for it. The LULZ war dec has all the trappings of a merc corp hire. So, who hired them?

... ... ...

Ah, what timing. EVEMon just reported Tranquility is back online. The web site is back up as well. I wonder how long that will last. Good luck CCP!

Fly careful.

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