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Thursday, June 9, 2011

What does a carebear crank up to make those long trips to Jita go faster?

The manifest is complete and the cargo hold is full. You undock, turn your wallowing industrial toward the first gate and warp away. There are more jumps on your route than sunspots at solar maximum. What to do to ease the passing parsecs. Crank up the ship-wide sound system, that's what!

Now, pirates, ninjas and mercenaries might think carebears listen to Barry Manilow or perhaps Barbra Streisand. That's such stereotypical bullshit. It's more wrong than mixing guns, fitting an armor repper to a Drake or dead-heading. We're capsuleers just like the everyone else with a backbone made of neural connectors.

Here's what a carebear mix looks like. I'm very partial to the one that's highlighted naturally, but they all have meaning when crossing the vault of stars we call New Eden.

Why they're in the list (in list order):
Problem Child - Aren't all capsuleers?
Paranoid - Always.
Chain reaction - What it takes to get there sometimes.
Black Sabbath - Every day is black in space.
Rubicon - We all have to cross one.
Eye in the Sky - Because carebears live in Empire space.
Wheel in the Sky - Every trip's end.
Get Over It - For all the whiners out there.
Red Sector 'A' - Because we all worry.
Tramontane - It's just cool to kick back and listen too.
Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back - Isn't it though!
Child in Time - Always wait for the ricochet.
Distant Early Warning - Always be on the lookout.
Magic Carpet Ride - Every single jump!
War Pigs - It only takes one war dec to know why this is here.
Bad Attitude - Because that's what it takes.
Space Truckin' - Self explanatory.
Heavy Metal - Because I'm Gallente.
Stereotonomy - "Dissect me and I feel no pain." 'nuf said.
Edge of the Blade - We're all on the edge.
2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx - Because I'm Intaki (and the rifs are awesome!)
Cool the Engines - Self explanatory.
There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' - Oh yeah!
N.I.B. - "Follow me now and you will not regret."
Everything Louder Than Everything Else - Should it be otherwise?
The Launch - It's like this every time I undock.
Sirius - This is also just cool to listen to.
Keep on Runnin' - Because we have to.
Wasted Youth - True, but a productive youth makes lots of ISK!
Psychobabble - New Eden is the dream.
All Revved Up With No Place to Go - And sometimes it's just like this.
Iron Man - Because we all want to exact revenge from time to time.
Sole Survivor - Because we've all been this too and we always rise again.
Roadhouse Blues - "Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel."
Fairies Wear Boots - You KNOW they do!
Children of the Grave - It's where we all end up.
Born to Be Wild - A capsuleer's creed.
Squealer - No comment.
Mammagamma - This is cool to listen to as well.
Wildest Dreams - They always forget the carebears too.
Break on Through (To the Other Side) - Pure inspiration.
Dead or Alive - One way or the other.
Sweet Leaf - ISK is like sweet leaf to a carebear.
The Unwritten Law - Don't break it...ever.
Bad to the Bone - You just have to be: NO TEARS.

Fly careful.

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