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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well now, the gasoline has hit the fire hasn't it?

Those that were angry before are now more angry. I've even trudged through the self-immolation of public rage-quit over Incarna. It is... something to behold. I hope that bloggers health gets better. Sacrificing your health for any obsession needs... treatment. Seriously, that requires some major medical gurus to sort out. It just isn't good - period.

As for the update, I think I'll just see what happens from here. I won't be buying anything via micro-transaction. I make a good salary but I'm not a fool. My secret hope is that someone slipped a decimal place in the programming. I mean, if NASA/JPL can screw up metric and English measurements when attempting an orbital insertion, CCP can slip a decimal.

Captain's Quarters are nice. It's not perfect but it is nice. I could relax there I think.

Overall my game play will not change. As far as that goes there may as well have been no update. It doesn't affect me unless I choose to let it. I refuse to get angry over something I can easily ignore.

I have noticed one thing though. Eve's responsiveness seems to be better than before. You know, less laggy. It may be wishful thinking but I think I notice some performance increase now that all the capsuleers are in their quarters and that traffic is off the game bus (so to speak.)

I do have some advice for CCP though. Don't jack us around. We're all a lot smarter than your average WoW player. We love Eve, but divorces happen all the time even though two people still love each other. Financial stress is most often the reason. Wise up.

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