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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something familiar about that.

I wasn't tired yet so I took Space Ghost out last night for a little reconnoiter around the neighborhood. It wasn't long before I locked onto a magnetom site.

I warped in to have a look. Oddmonolithes floated in space surrounded by 'roids. I'd seen something like it planet side in ancient history books. In those books, things like this were viewed as either religious centers or cemeteries. To the Intaki, there is no difference.

Unfortunately, I wasn't alone though my cloak kept me safely hidden from their sensors.

It wasn't anything scary. But my one Warrior II might have taken care of two of these fellas though four was a stretch. I decided to warp back to dock and get something that would overwhelm the playing field.

Even with the addition of another frigate before I returned, those Coreli scum were no match for June Bug and his shiny new turrets. They are such a beautiful thing to behold aren't they?

The haul wasn't all that great though I scored a skill book I didn't have. While I was hunting through the heaps of junk left floating around, an Enyo arrived on site. I had a chance to chat with a younger capsuleer named Sturmguard. He was practicing his scanning. Nice to see the younger crowd taking an interest in it.

Fly careful.

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