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Monday, June 27, 2011

Play or don't play. It's that simple.

My "brother in arms from another life" made it all clear to me. He's been a capsuleer for less than a year. He took a completely diffrerent path from me in New Eden but there is too much shared history for that to be a problem. I wanted to get his view of the current fracas. Here is that exchange:

Subject: RE: What do you think of the current unrest about micro-transactions in Eve.
Not familiar with this. I know about the whole bling thing with the new currency stuff – wasn’t aware of anything else. Shouldn’t be able to purchase skills or stuff that affects the game.
[MAB] Supposedly not but Helicity “released” an internal CCP newsletter that seemed to indicate they might in the future. I think that would be a bad move but it’s CCP’s game.
[MAB] Die in a fire.
I did notice that several updates ago they changed the HUD colors and the cap monitor became dull orange. I ran out of capo on a mission because I couldn’t see the damned thing. So I petitioned on it. Its still open, but the incarna update put the colors back to bright yellow and bright white on the armor / shield statuses.
[MAB] Yes, they did fix that. I noticed it too.
Incarna thing stinks pretty badly – the lag in station is so bad I turned it off. The feature of mousing over the ship model and getting the menus was pretty cool, but the graphics on the avatar are significantly downgraded from my picture that I created and use. Not cool.
[MAB] It needs some high end stuff to run and does not work well with ATI cards. My dual Nvidia 580’s handle it just fine but I’ve read that some people have melted their systems because of it. I like the idea of being able to interact with other players in a station. However, Captain’s Quarters as they now stand are rather boring.
They've made other changes too – like the scroll bars on windows are really dim and fade out – I cant see them to click on them half the time. I fucking hate pale and pastel colors – I like things bold and bright. Incarna also turned down the sounds by about 50%. I had to max out my headphones and max out the sliders on the sounds to get them back to where I can even hear them. If you try to play music while you play and want to hear the turret noises and lasers and lock-on stuff, good luck.
[MAB] That’s what happened to the sounds! I thought it was something on my system. I haven’t noticed the scroll bars but I use two 20” monitors and don’t have a lot of scroll bars since one monitor is nothing but open windows.
They changed the color on my mining lasers to blue and they are invisible if you use the tactical overview. Nothing like the bright yellow beams we used to have. They also changed all the turret icons – most of them are nice black shapelss blobs on gray backgrounds – I put in a petition on that too. IT would actualy be nice to SEE what the hell I'm doing in the game.
[MAB] More high end graphic stuff evidently. I haven’t mined since patch or used anything that needed a turret.
I look at some of this stuff and think Geez – Web design 101. They obviously have nobody who has a fucking clue about presentation and graphics and design, based upon the changes they’ve made recently.
 Obviously I’m a little pissed off about some of these things.
[MAB] You aren’t the only one, let me tell you. Some very well known veteran bloggers have rage-quit over this update.
We had one of those merc untis wardecced us again – mostly European, so hopefully I can continue mining and such. If they get online, I will join up to go kill them dead dead dead. I am tired of these bastards and want to teach them a lesson so they will leave us alone.
[MAB] I must admit that I like the sound of your alliance. I wonder if they take single capsuleer corporations?
Other than that, how's it going for you? J
[MAB] Well, I move tomorrow. It isn’t a full move, just large furniture that needs a truck and bedroom stuff so I can live in the house. Ellen moves on July 9th. I’ll move the rest of my stuff (the stuff I want that is) over the next couple weekends. We have one room in the house that needs the floors and walls redone. We’ve got them stripped down and ready for the renovation. The other room that needed work (the utility room) we contracted out because we needed new vinyl laid down and done professionally as a water block. It’s coming along nicely though.
Work as gotten really interesting. We had our ERP conversion two weeks ago. That went well. However, the nature of my job is changing. I am now part of the parent company’s help desk and have been answering calls from all over the country. They have help desk software that tracks all the tickets and I get them dumped into my mailbox as well. Today alone there have been 112 tickets opened… and I just got a new one. Gotta run! 

*blink, blink* "Other than that, how's it going for you?" Suddenly I realized life's too short to get wound up about a game - even if it is Internet spaceships.

So, I took a break this weekend. RL deserves more attention than pointless ranting about a silly game. Friends like him, with whom I've shared real life and death moments, deserve more attention than a silly game.

Then today in the continuation of the thread, he helped again. Of rage-quitters he said, "Idiots, IMO."  I have to agree. I'd rather play the game than not and getting that upset about anything related to a game makes me an idiot too.

So to all of you I say: play or don't play. It's that simple. If you play, put down your virtual pitchforks and enjoy what you do like about Eve Online. If you don't play, go outside and enjoy the summer. Spend some time with your family and friends. You'll feel better for it.

Fly careful.

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