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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How do you make planets more valuable?

I was reading a very good article over on The Hydrostatic Capsule (link here) and Cailais said something that really stuck on my mind. Planets will have to be more valuable for Dust514 to work. Yes, that is absolutely correct. How?

Then it hit me. The change in jump bridges. The constant "ignoring" of sovereignty issues. Other things I don't have the time right now to rehash.

Think about it. I learned a saying many years ago in another life. The jet jockies may control the sky but they have to land somewhere. Tanks are great but when they run out of gas they're a metal coffin. They need a place to refuel. That's what the infantry does. It holds ground. It makes a place for airfields and fuel depots. It also denies the enemy a place for those very things.

What if sovereignty did not rely on some silly beacon in space? What if sovereignty depended on having a place for airfields and fuel depots? What if null sec alliances HAD to control the planets to control the space above them?

Now wouldn't that be something? Frightening isn't it?

Fly careful.

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