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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Concerning API licensing: Hail profit! It really is better than the alternative.

So here is the dev blog link: Click here. You've probably already read it and fumed over it.

I read it and smiled.

For a low fee of $99 anyone can monetize their contribution to the community. "How could CCP do that?" you ask. Here, let me clue you in.

CCP: Hey Battleclinic, would you pay $99 a year to charge your thousands of viewers a nominal usage fee?
Battleclinic: Hell yeah!
CCP: He DotLan, would you pay $99 a year to charge your thousands of viewers a nominal usage fee?
DotLan: Hell yeah!
CCP: Hey Aideron Robotics, would you pay $99 a year to charge your thousands of users a nominal usage fee?
Aideron Robotics: Hell yeah!
CCP: Hey...

You all get the point. And even if CCP didn't ask they'd still get those answers. When given a choice of working for love or working for love AND money EVERYONE ON THE FREAKING PLANET SAYS, "HELL YEAH!"

This decision isn't for the player base. It's for those entrepreneurs who can create a product and realize a profit from it. All you whiny Internet carebears who think the Internet should be free can just HTFU. That's right, this EVE carebear just called all you whiny brats Internet carebears. Get over it. Your tears are neither juicy or tasty. They are bitter and unsavory.

Do you think the EVE API just maintains itself? No, CCP pays some really smart people to create it. They don't work for love of CCP. The work for love AND money. CCP has every right to charge for their investment. The API isn't free. It has costs that CCP pays.

I've always wondered why it even exists.  They don't have to do it at all. I know of no other game that I've played that had it. It's unique in my experience. It's also a gaping security hole. How many of those API calls are vulnerable to buffer overflow? How many of them can a cracker leverage for an advantage over the system? I don't know but I'd be willing to bet LULZ might.

By allowing developers to share in the profit they will enhance the API's innate value. With any luck, more entrepreneurs will want in on it. Instead of a money sink, perhaps it will begin to pay for itself. Having an army of developers using the API and finding its weaknesses before LULZ does just might make it more secure.

Yes, I'd gladly paste a free license on this blog for a more secure API. And though I never plan on monetizing this blog (yeah, I know, never say never,) I think it's cool that I have that option if never ever comes around. And if a more secure API doesn't happen, well, at least there will be profit to console us!

And what's more, EVERYONE PROFITS. Since when does making a profit fall into the category of horrible and bad? And please, for intelligence's sake, don't use the latest economic meltdown as a counter point. That had more to do with greed than profit. Profit is good. It keeps the world running.

Hail profit!

Fly careful.

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