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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boon or bust?

As I type, CCP is no doubt testing Incarna on Tranquility. Soon our very own Captain's Quarters will open its hatch to us. Will it be a boon or a bust for CCP? Only time will tell.

One thing can be said though, CCP does not shirk from trying hard things. This is hard. They walk a tight rope between the past and the future. They risk alienating loyal subscribers by looking toward a future that is different than anything we every imagined.

I will stand by them whether Incarna is a glorious success...

...or an epic failure.

I owe them that much for bringing use this incredible game. If they fail, I will cry with them. If they succeed, I will raise a beer in their honor!

I hope all who read this do the same. Remember, they do it for us (well, and profit but just go with the moment okay.)

Fly careful.

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