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Friday, May 20, 2011

Miner's Heaven

I took Space Ghost out for a quick scan of the system tonight. I had a hit on my first pass. I began to scan it down. The new probe control to adjust all probes equidistant from the central probe is a god send. I soon had myself a Gravimetric Anomaly. One more scan and it revealed itself to be a small Hedbergite, Hemorphite and Jaspet deposit. Hot damn, it's a mother-load! I warped to it to see if it was still untouched.

Not a soul around and every 'roid untouched. It doesn't get any better than that. A quick look at the scanner and I knew what I had.

It was enough to keep me busy for a couple hours. I docked, boarded Blue Bucket and headed back to get to work. My strip miners chewed and chewed and chewed. I admired the beauty of the 'roids...

... until my turrets turned on them. When the anomaly was empty with nothing but 'roid dust floating in the void, I tallied up my haul: 12 million ISK for less than 3 hours work. Not a bad haul if for no other reason than it was easy money. I saw nary a soul the entire time. Peaceful. Like heaven.

Fly careful.

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