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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, I didn't vote for it so don't blame me!

And I mean you Hallan Turrek of "a merry life and a short one." I do not disagree that null sec got nerfed. I DO disagree with who is responsible. To be specific, I disagree with your one sentence paragraph,

"0.0 just got punked by a bunch of carebears."

I did not punk anything. If you want to blame someone, blame CCP. It's their game and they wrote the patch. I've never cared about true sec, jump bridges or ship scan range. None of it affects my carebear universe much.

The truth it is, I don't want null sec nerfed or made harder. I want null sec to be awash in ISK. I make Wetware Mainframes. I need all the POS bashing going on in null sec to keep the prices elevated. I'm making a killing here!

Fly careful.

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