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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Aurum, Incarna, Dust 514 and the future of Eve Online.

It's official, micro-transactions are coming. The announcement has been met with the usual vocal minority and their negativity toward anything different. To wit -

  • CCP isn't investing in Eve Online and its loyal players like it should!
  • Dust 514 isn't a spaceship game and is therefore wrong-headed and evil!
  • Micro-transaction in any form are just an evil capitalistic endeavor to make profit!
  • Why aren't they working on the incredibly important <insert your pet aspect of Eve here> problems more!
  • It's the end of the "world" as we know it! (shout out to R.E.M.)

Jesus H. Christ people, would you just shut up already. If you don't like the way CCP runs THEIR game just sod off would you? No one is forcing you to play this game. Take your $15 a month (per account) and your histrionics and go somewhere else if you don't like it. Otherwise, sit down, shut up and play.

Whew, is that a load off my mind. Now, I've wrote it before and I stand by what I've wrote. Eve Online belongs to CCP. If CCP is to grow as a company (and Eve Online is to continue as a game,) they MUST have other revenue streams. Status Quo is death. If you think Eve Online will be around in 10 years if nothing changes, you are wrong. As players, we are different. We like internet spaceship games. Most people don't. The vast majority of people like the instant gratification of Call of Duty or HALO or even World of Warcraft to the game play of internet spaceships. Eve Online is a non-starter with most of the gaming world.

If we are to have internet spaceships in the future, we have to accept that CCP will need to change their focus. They have to go where the interest is (and therefore the money.) That is not internet spaceships. So please, for the sake of the game we all love, give it a rest. Fortunately, I think CCP already gets it. That's why we have Incarna and Dust 514 just around the corner though everyone is kicking and screaming on the way there. The future is terrifying when you are not in the driver's seat. But at least there will be a future.


  1. Sigh, i wish i could right this good. Will have to link here soon

  2. I totally agree on CCP expanding their range within the gaming industry and I have much hope that they will succeed in bridging EVE and DUST just right!


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