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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Time dilation? Really? You're kidding me, right?

I just read The Mittani', I mean Goonswarm's... damn, I mean CSM 6's letter posted on CCP Diagora's blog post. They think the best hope for beating lag is to institutionalize it. I don't mean put it in the nut-farm, though that might be an apt analogy. I mean it seems they think they'll beat the lag monster by creating lag in a controlled manner. Okay, to me this admits defeat without actually acknowledging it. Everyone will lag but everyone will lag equally so it's all good? No, it's not all good. Fights will take much longer to finish. I have faith that will start an entirely new line of whining. But if by some chance it doesn't, and it gets all those null-sec noise makers to shut up, I'm all for it. It will do absolutely nothing to enrich, enhance or provide anything of value to the silent majority's game play beyond greasing the squeaky wheels so we don't have to listen to them whine all the time. If that happens it'll be a win-win-win. Then maybe CCP can get back to developing a MMO instead of running a kindergarten.

Fly careful.


  1. From the tone of this post, it looks like you have very little experience with major fleet fights. Large engagements already take upwards of two hours; some stretching to five-hour long running battles.

    Time dilation can actually speed up a battle, since guns firing slowly (but surely) will cause more ships to explode than irregular fractions of salvos as the server slaves under load. More ships exploding = faster resolution of the battle.

  2. You are correct sir, I have absolutely no experience with large fleet battles. If this does indeed speed them up, I am happy for everyone involved. I certainly do not wish any capsuleer a bad experience - even pirates though I have been the object of their "enjoyment" on a few occasions. The sooner CCP puts this lag issue to rest the sooner (I hope) they get back to content I do participate in. In that regard, I fully support time dilation. However, having far more experience in how servers run and interact than in huge fleet fights, I remain dubious.


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