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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More snooping around passing wormholes.

I took Space Ghost out last night to have a look around the ol' home system. All I came up with is someone's wormhole sphincter into hi-sec. Since there was nothing else going on I took a look.

While still under jump cloak, I figured out the system was occupied. I didn't even need probes as a quick directional scan showed a Mobile Small Warp Disrupter in system. My overview also showed 3 birds in system.

I hit the MWD, cloaked and brought up the map. A quick look determined the most likely place for a tower. I warped to 100km and there it was. They are evidently a little paranoid.

I cleared the screen of clutter and pulled out my spy glass. I took a closer look...

...and closer...


The birds just floated there. Nobody was home. So I left to make some profit elsewhere.

Fly careful.

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