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Friday, April 8, 2011

Gravimetric Anomalies of Pure Profit

I took the Arazu, Peeping Tom, out for practice the other day and got an immediate probe hit. I started to zero in on the anomaly and soon realized it was something a bit special as it was slippery. You know what I mean, it bounces around a lot and makes you reposition probes even after getting the scan resolution down to 4 AU and centered. However, at 2 AU I saw that it was gravimetric and my little miner heart skipped a beat.

When I finally got the scan resolution of the probes down to its lowest possible number I knew I had something special: I only had an 84% fix on its location. Space Ghost has a better scanning resolution than Peeping Tom currently has and I was just about ready to head back to dock and jump into it. The thought of wasted time (and profit) repeating the scan didn't sit well. I gave Peeping Tom one more try after bringing the probes closer together.

Nailed it. I bookmarked the location, recalled my probes and hit warp. Peeping Tom dropped out of warp 30 klicks from the anomaly.

My smile broadened into a huge grin as my scan came through on the overview.

Jaspet! Now there's a site you don't often see in hi-sec! As I warped back to jump into my Hulk, Blue Bucket, I realized there was one big problem. I had never gotten around to learning Jaspet processing. Damn it. It looked like I wouldn't be able to maximize my profit but I could train as I sucked the Kernite roids dry. All in all, I managed to pull 20+ million ISK from the anomaly in the few hours I had. It wasn't the most ISK per hour I've ever pulled but they were the first Jaspet roids I've ever popped.

And as I sat there feeling like a rookie again because my Jaspet processing skill was so low, I at least had some fairly amazing scenery to help pass the hours.

 Fly careful.

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