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Friday, April 1, 2011

Assuaging Drake decisions.

Last night I headed out with my Drake (more on it later,) the Prince Eugen, to do some work for the Fed Navy again. It's not that I resent what the fed Navy usually assigns to me, but honestly, PI is much more exciting at times. Fortunately this was not one of those times. Fed Navy sent me out to investigate a Mordu's Legion sighting. I'm always happy to investigate to death those traitors.

There were quite a few of them. I must admit, at one point they managed to get a double web on me and knock my shields down about two thirds. But it was never really close. Their tech one missiles were no match for my shields and my Widowmaker Furys made quick work of theirs.

At the second jump gate, I was not struck in awe of their defense but rather the entire scene that played out on my screen. I have seen a lot of beauty in space since becoming a capsuleer, but this took my breath away. Like the bones of some long-dead space leviathan, these strange asteroids framed the gate. I had to pass through the center of them to jump. I found myself holding my breath as the Prince Eugen passed through; expecting them to animate and attack as I did so.

It was a surrealistically fantastic moment I won't soon forget.

Now, about the Drake. Yes, I know it isn't Gallente. But it is a DPS dealing, max-buffer, passive-shielded  Incursion fit Drake that's been through all but a MOM fight and that makes it different. Still, the whole time I've been flying it, I've felt a twinge guilty about it being my first battle cruiser and all. I could buy a Myrmidon but it just didn't seem like enough recompense for buying the Drake first. The longer I waited the more heavily the Drake decision weighed. Finally, I realized the solution was just a day away.

So, after making the appropriate appointment with the neural re-mappers at the local training facility, I am now the proud pilot of Peeping Tom, my first Arazu!

For some reason this seems to make the Drake decision okay. It will be a month (more actually) before I can fly him really well (i.e. offensively with a good tank) but for now he'll go where I dare not take my thinner skinned Helios, Space Ghost. I can't wait.

Fly careful.

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