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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

40 Million ISK an hour!

I was out snooping around again and located a radar site. It seems the Serpentis have been up to no good... as usual.

As I approached the site it was bright and rocky.

Why does it have to be so bright? Oh yeah, that's so the guard ships can hide from visible ID behind the rocks and drop on you from out of the brightness. Fortunately my ship's scanner found them easily and I headed back to strap on my Ishkur, June Bug. June Bug made quick work of the two frigates and the destroyer there and I soon brought Space Ghost back to crack open the data nodes.

Now for the 40M ISK per hour part. Out of three nodes, there was an Engagement Plan and a Collision Measurements decryptor worth over 10M ISK. After 15 minutes of scanning, shooting and code breaking that equates to 40M ISK an hour. Too bad these sites don't happen all that frequently. *sigh*

Fly Careful.

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