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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Highlight 47: Texas Big D

The Texas may be slow, but she's a floating gun emplacement that can bring the hurt when needed. And when enemy cruisers threaten your base, that's the when I'm talking about.

Friday, July 22, 2016

In Win 805 Infinity (805i) Mid-size ATX PC Case Finished

Mickey Mathew D'Costa requested I post a video of my finished In Win 805 Infinity computer case after I did the unboxing video last week. I think that is a great idea. Here is the finished In Win 805 Infinity computer case with a Corsair H110i CPU water cooler installed in the front and the 120mm radiator and fan for my Nvidia GTX 980 Ti Hybrid installed in the rear as a replacement for the stock exhaust fan.
I had to do a little cable modification on the H110i USB plug to free up a four pin USB header on the system board for the LED controller, but that worked out quite well. The only other difficulty I had (other than cable management which is always a pain) was the aluminum shroud for the external system board port on the back. It did not quite line up with how the system board mounted in the case, and I did not notice until everything was done and I was plugging things in. Oy! That was a pain, but many case bites later I had it done.

Taking my time it took me about 10 hours total to transfer my system from the old case into the new case. But I really, really took my time and tried to clean everything as I went. If you were in a hurry, or are more experienced in such things, you could get it done in a couple hours barring any unforeseen issues. Anyway, enjoy the video!