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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Highlight 93 - Load the Gold

My first Ace Tanker match in the Hellcat, with a bit of a historical treatment to the video. I hope you like it. As for the Hellcat itself, this tank destroyer was evidently OP as when Wargaming released it many years ago. They have since nerfed the out of it. With a good crew, it performs adequately, but it struggles to penetrate higher tier tanks with it's anemic 160mm of penetration which drops to 135mm at max range, where you will have to fight it because it is too fragile for close or even medium range engagements. That means you'll have to dab the 2 key often, and then your rounds will still bounce as you'll see in this video. It is not what I would consider a noob friendly vehicle. YMMV.
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Highlight 92 - Bert the Ace Tanker

In World of Tanks there is only one self-propelled gun that nearly everyone adores. He's Bert, called the avenger by some, but that was well before my time in the game. To me Bert simply embodies what all artillery in the game should be: lower damage, shorter range and unable to one-shot anything. Unfortunately artillery by its very nature is King of Battle for a reason, and in a game were distances are measured in hundreds of meters, artillery really has no place. Except for Bert. He's a good chap.
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